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Vantage Metal Coins

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20+ available.

Vantage Metal Coins

These 45 metal coins were designed specifically for Vantage (the game will include cardboard tokens). They include $1 (x18), $2 (x12), $5 (x9), and $10 (x6) coins made of zinc.

Vantage is nearing the end of the playtest process and will start production later this year, but the journey to bring this game to life is too big to cram into our standard 10-day pre-launch reveal. Instead, we're announcing the game and Vantage's design diary newsletter via this initial batch of metal coins, which will also be available as add-ons when the game launches on our webstore in 2025.

Vantage is an open-world, cooperative, roguelike adventure game for 1-6 players designed by Jamey Stegmaier. Vantage features an entire planet to explore, with players communicating while scattered across the world. With nearly 800 interconnected locations on cards and over 900 other discoverable cards, the world is your sandbox.

You begin each game of Vantage on an intergalactic vessel heading towards an uncharted planet. After crashing far from your companions, you have complete freedom as to how you explore, discover, and interact with the planet. You view your location from a first-person perspective--you can communicate with and support other players, but you are separated by vast distances, so only you can see your current location.

Vantage is not a campaign game, and it is completely self-contained (no expansions, just a few accessories like metal coins). Details and design stories about Vantage will be revealed to subscribers leading up to its 2025 launch and release.

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